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Expect another Fed rate hike in December

As anticipated, the hurricanes have turned the usual flow of economic data into a game of pick-up sticks, a meaningless tangle. The market reaction has been to ignore the new data, assume the economy is on-trend, and focus on other stuff that may be trend-changers. That other stuff would be the Fed, foreign policy, trade […]

Prime real estate: Amazon now delivers tiny houses

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon PreviousNext jQuery(document).ready(function(){jQuery(“#ism-slideshow-1”).find(“.carousel-control”).css(“margin-top”,”-“+(jQuery(this).find(“.active .carousel-caption”).height()+25)+”px”);$(“#ism-slideshow-1”).on(“”, function () {jQuery(this).find(“.carousel-control”).css(“margin-top”,”-“+(jQuery(this).find(“.active .carousel-caption”).height()+25)+”px”);});}); Got a pesky, post-college millennial living at home who just won’t let you be an empty nester? Or what about a parent who doesn’t want to live with you, but can’t […]

How to sell or merge your real estate company

Emotions, lawyers and agent objections can make a rollercoaster out of mergers and acquisitions, but there are ways to execute a flawless transaction: Always have your company ready for sale. Identify potential risks in agents leaving. Overcome agent objections by articulating the value proposition — tools, resources, reputation — when they ask, “What’s in it for […]

Fires leave thousands homeless in wine country

Peg King with son Jeremy The relentless firestorm that broke out last weekend in Northern California has destroyed an estimated 3,500 houses and buildings, killed at least 21 people and displaced tens of thousands as of Wednesday, Oct. 11. Real estate agents have been fielding calls from the suddenly homeless looking for solutions — whether it be […]

SoFi aims to raise $100K for employee wildfire relief

SoFi employees are among the thousands who have lost homes as wildfires rage on in Northern California, but their coworkers aren’t going to leave them hanging. In one day a GoFundMe page that the company says came about by employee demand has raised over $46,000 of its $100,000 goal. As of press time on Wednesday, […]

Buy a house already: How to get millennial renters off the fence

If you’re having trouble turning members of America’s rental generation into homeowners, Linda Liberatore has one suggestion that might make a huge difference: sell millennials on homeownership. Linda Liberatore With a couple clever real estate hacks, it’s pretty easy for homeowners to create cash flow to offset the costs associated with owning a home, and by sharing these […]

5 MLS hangups dragging real estate down

“There has never been a better time for MLSs to support their subscribers in preparing for the future.” That’s according to Denee Evans, CEO of the Council of Multiple Listing Services, in the release of CMLS’s 2017 Best Practices Survey Report. Denee Evans Evans has been one of the leaders at the helm of the […]

When business is sluggish: 10 to-dos for the slow season

No matter how great of a year it’s been, inevitably, business will slow down at some point, due to weather, holidays or the market. What’s an agent to do with all that free time? I keep a list of to-do items in my bullet journal so that if I have a little extra time, I […]

Is it a real estate agent’s ethical duty to authenticate buyers?

Sometimes, it takes a nanny cam to hit home. Picture the scene that took place last week in Woodinville, Washington. It might as well be your hometown. Two people walk into a master bedroom. They appear to be in their early 30s and well-dressed. As the woman begins to rifle through the dresser draws, the […]

The Real Word: Two agents discuss dress code and Stop Zillow

Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent’s perspective on industry-related topics. This week, they discuss how agents should dress, continue their take on Greg Hague’s Stop Zillow campaign and close it up with new agent tips. Source: click here

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