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Bette Hamby

Escrow Officer/Branch Manager

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  • Castroville Office
    802 Hwy 90,
    Castroville, TX 78009
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When did you begin your career in the title or real estate industry and how did you get your start?

I began my career in 1974 just after graduating from high school. I was working three part time jobs and had put the word out that I would really love one full time job. A good friend of mine owned an escrow office and offered me a job. I was very unsure as it seemed like a very important business and I was certain that I’d mess it up somehow. Little did I know that that one full time job at $2.00 p/hour would lead to a now 43 year career spanning two states. I have had experience with Realtor owned escrow companies, independent escrow companies, title companies, and now with a fee attorney escrow office. I started from the ground up, beginning as a receptionist/escrow assistant. I’ve owned my own escrow company when I was 21 years old, and was the General Manager Vice President of a major escrow company in Southern California with 12 offices. I’ve handled just about every type of real estate transaction. I’m so glad that it went from a full time job to being my chosen career.

What is the most satisfying part of your role in the transaction process and what makes you stand out from others in your industry?

I truly enjoy reaching in and helping a transaction come together for a successful closing. I work hard to go above and beyond what is typically expected from escrow officer in an effort to create a relationship that will be long-lasting with my Realtors, Lenders, Buyers, and Sellers. One of the best rewards is having someone come back and say you did my closing when I bought this property and I’d like you to handle the closing when I sell my property. My customers are confident that I will do whatever is in my power to get their file closed.

What factors from your past experience have contibuted the most to your current unique skill set?

My past experience with owning my own escrow company, and then being the General Manager/Vice President of a large escrow company with many offices has given me the confidence to look for solutions to problems and connect resources that can help get a file closed.

When you're away from the busy Mission Title office, what are some of your favorite activities ?

When I am not in the office I am a Professional Certified Life Coach and Instructor. I enjoy spending time with my family, taking a new road to see where it goes, keeping up to date on what latest real estate developments are starting, playing with my fur-baby Benny the Jet, discovering more about my ancestral roots, volunteering as a Board of Director with the Castroville Area Economic Development Council, and with the Daughters of the Republic of Texas Alsatian Pioneers Chapter.

Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit. - Conrad Hilton