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Debbie Rinehart

Title Examination

  • 210-265-8215
  • Debbie Rinehart
  • Title Production Plant
    110 W Midcrest, 100
    San Antonio, TX 78228
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When did you begin your career in the title or real estate industry and how did you get your start?

I began in Cameron County in 1981. I had quit college and my Dad said I needed a job. It just so happened that good friends of my parents owned a title company, so I asked them for a job. And so it began.

What is the most satisfying part of your role in the transaction process and what makes you stand out from others in your industry?

Being able to help others both in the Title Industry and the outside World have a greater understanding about the Title Industry. I am a true believer in Customer Services. And I like passing on the knowledge of my many mentors in the Title Business, some of whom I still work with today, to the up and coming title plant personnel.

What factors from your past experience have contibuted the most to your current unique skill set?

I came from a very small title company were I learned how to do all aspects of the Title Business. However, I learned quickly that I had a better knack for the abstracting side, because I think of every transaction as a puzzle, and you just need to find the pieces to put it together. To me once you learn how to abstract you should be able to abstract any county. They will all have there quirks, you just have to learn them and think outside the box. After all I am now know as the Title Goddess.

When you're away from the busy Mission Title office, what are some of your favorite activities ?

Most is the time spent with my Family. and that I love to travel.


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