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Silver Hill Funding hopes to fill America’s small-balance lending niche

Silver Hill Funding (SHF) underwrites small balance commercial mortgages, a niche business that is gaining traction and popularity for developers across the country. And as the economy returns to pre-housing crisis levels, SHF is opening its doors to service borrowers nationwide and looking to partner up with local banks. SHF typically originates loans in the […]

Podcast: Sit or sell? 5 secrets to selling fast

You want a sale, and so does the seller. So, why are you often accused of only wanting to price the home to pad your pocket faster? It’s all about how you present your case. Pricing a home to sell can feel like a tug-of-war with the seller, but it doesn’t have to be. Change […]

4 WeChat insider tips to gain and convert Chinese clients

China gets criticized in the West for banning sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google. What is often overlooked is that the country’s homegrown internet companies are often more popular, more profitable and more innovative than their counterparts in the U.S. While Statista reports that Twitter has 320 million users and Instagram 400 million, China’s […]

Freddie Mac releases San Francisco market indicator

Freddie Mac released it’s monthly Multi-Indicator Market Index (MiMi) last week, measuring housing activity on a national and state scale and providing relative data for the top 100 metro areas in the nation. MiMi ranks each state and city based on four indicators: purchase application rate, which is based solely on applications for single-family homes in the […]

Luxury listing: historic Lafayette house in Alexandria

This historic manor in Alexandria, Virginia, once hosted French General Marquis de Lafayette during his grand tour of America at the invitation of President James Monroe in 1824. Despite hundreds of years passing, the house has still kept its elegance, with double parlors, pine flooring and a spacious library on the upper level. PreviousNext jQuery(document).ready(function(){jQuery(“#ism-slideshow-1”).find(“.carousel-control”).css(“margin-top”,”-“+(jQuery(this).find(“.active .carousel-caption”).height()+25)+”px”);$(“#ism-slideshow-1”).on(“”, function […]

Why the world needs bots — and humans, too

Bots — they’re everywhere. You can’t read anything without reading about the latest bot craze. But why now? Why are companies like CNN, Wall Street Journal and potentially Zillow investing in this tech, and what does any of it mean for you as a real estate agent or broker? To start, what exactly is a bot? A bot […]

Why podcasts should be your next marketing venture

Are you building a business that is attracting clients, or are you still chasing clients? The stereotypical “chase business” is the stockbroker who calls you during dinner pitching a hot new stock. An attraction business is one that delivers such great value that people will stand in line during a rainstorm to work with you […]

Gap between appraiser/homeowner opinion of value grows to almost 2%

The saying goes that you have to see something to believe it — well, homeowners all over the country are seeing home prices skyrocket and believe that their home, too, should be worth more than they paid for it. According to the latest Quicken Loans Home Price Perception Index (HPPI), those perceptions are off by about […]

AREA, founded by members of real estate dynasty, is latest real estate tech accelerator

Here’s one sign investors are hot for real estate tech: A new real estate accelerator found and recruited one startup off social media. John Henry, program director of real estate tech accelerator AREA, said he’s “proactively sourcing” startups. He uncovered Spacio, an app designed to help agents milk open houses for more leads, by surfing Twitter. Spacio is one of six startups to […]

Moving with kids: What real estate agents should know

Red Oak Realty agent Corey Weinstein was recently helping a married couple — toddler in tow, pregnant with their second child and living on the East Coast — find a home in the San Francisco Bay Area. “Coming here to look at properties was a real challenge,” said Weinstein. “I knew generally what they wanted […]

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