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What condo amenities do today’s buyers desire most?


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When shopping for a condo, you have the delightful task of reading lists upon lists of available amenities — and then figuring out the difference between which ones are desirable, which ones are necessary and which ones the seller is offering that you weren’t even looking for in the first place (is that rooftop helipad really necessary?).

It’s fun to daydream about fantasy amenities (coffee delivered to your bedside every morning would be a great one), but what features and benefits do people really want when they get serious about buying a new condo?

Looking at recent experiences and reports, it’s easy see which amenities and features truly draw buyers in. Here are a few that stand out as the biggest and brightest in the eyes of a condo buyer:

The high life: Rooftop recreation features

Condo buyers far prefer high-rise buildings to those with only a few floors — this was one of the top three desirable features for condo sales in 2014. It’s hard to deny the draw of the skyscraper life, especially in vibrant locations where condo units offer stunning views of the surrounding city.

Living in a high-rise building also increases the likelihood of more amenities featured in the building itself that provide added convenience for residents.

A high-rise condo building becomes even more attractive when it makes good use of the rooftop. Residents love attractive common areas, providing the ability to enjoy views from a rooftop terrace, garden or lounge.

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Many rooftops now feature swimming pools, grills (or outdoor kitchens), banquet tables, fire pits, private cabanas and more — creating more allure for residents seeking to wine and dine guests.

Shayan Sanyal / Flickr

Some buildings even feature multiple rooftop recreation areas that may be reserved for private parties.

Whether on the roof or not, rooms that can be reserved for private events are in demand, especially when upscale catering is available. Some condo buildings increase appeal by organizing social events and entertainment such as lounge parties, wine tastings or other gatherings.

The green life: Environmentally friendly features

Green living is increasingly a priority, as condo buyers keep their eyes peeled for the Energy Star certification marking energy-efficient appliances in addition to low-flow water fixtures and LED light bulbs.

Eco-friendly appliances and lights make a positive impact on the environment, and the reduction in energy usage saves money for residents on utility bills. Homebuyers know that investing in sustainability means saving in the long run by keeping ongoing costs low and consistent.

Many buyers are looking even past the in-home features for proof of environmentally responsible materials used in construction and decoration of condo units.

This includes the use of low volatile organic compound paints, carbon monoxide sensors (particularly within parking garages), windows designed to minimize heat loss and high-efficiency heating and cooling systems.

Condo buildings that show ongoing efforts to reduce water and energy usage are extremely appealing to buyers, who like to know that they’re contributing to a larger goal of helping the planet.

The luxury life: Fitness and spa facilities

Condo buyers are looking for features that enhance their lifestyles and support health and wellness. One of the major benefits of owning a condo over a house is that it offers a more convenient lifestyle.

High-end health clubs and fitness studios rank among the most popular luxury amenities for condo buildings. Residents enjoy the convenience of not having to pay separate gym fees or travel far from home to enjoy a healthy and relaxing lifestyle.

These facilities may include yoga and other exercise classes, gym equipment, indoor racquetball or basketball courts, steam rooms or saunas and hot tubs.

Mike Fleming / Flickr

Luxurious spa services also may be offered, such as massages, facials, nail care and more.

Current trends show that finding the right home is about more than just the floorplan and appliances — buyers are looking for facilities right outside their doors that make their lives easier and give them heightened wellbeing.

The family life: Features for children

If condo buyers have children, or plan to have them in the future, they will be looking for amenities that serve those younger residents as well.

Condo buildings can provide a family-friendly appeal by offering onsite daycare facilities, play areas for children that offer interactive games and community opportunities for enriching group activities.

Condo buildings also find success in hosting events tailored for children, such as featuring a professional storyteller reading aloud or a child-friendly music group.

When it comes to parents, proximity to good schools is another very attractive feature for buyers.

The captivating life: Location always matters most

A condo building may include a variety of services and shops within it — but condo buyers also love living in a location near shopping and attractions.

Desirable condos capture not only the amenities and features a buyer wants in the home but also the atmosphere and personality the buyer wants in an ideal lifestyle.

For some buyers, this means the height of excitement in a bustling city. It’s no wonder high-rise condos on the Las Vegas strip are on the upswing. The tremendous array of restaurants, theaters, clubs, performance venues, parks and more provide appeal for the adventure-seeker and the luxury-lover.


It’s difficult to get bored in a big city, and Las Vegas may be the epitome of alleviating boredom or restlessness. Easy access to family-friendly destinations is an especially appealing feature for buyers with children.

Even for buyers who find the hustle of city life a bit overwhelming, condo buildings in convenient locations (relatively close to entertainment venues and other sources of activity) are extremely sought-after.

As the trends for desirable amenities slide up and down throughout the years, location is at the top spot for hottest condo features, and it won’t be giving up its title anytime soon.

Randy Char is a broker with Sky Las Vegas Condominiums in Las Vegas. Follow him on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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