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Refreshed and nurture-savvy, Market Leader’s CRM deserves your attention


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Market Leader is a CRM and marketing software for agents and teams.

Platforms: Browser, mobile app Ideal for: All agents and teams

Top selling points: Built-in website creator/management Emphasis on contact management Group-specific outreach campaigns Lead management for teams Highly scalable Top concern:

Like all stand-alone platforms today, Market Leader is competing in an industry with competing broker-developed solutions.

What you should know

There’s more here than meets the eye, so I’ll get this out of the way early: Market Leader is worth looking into.

Now part of Constellation Real Estate Group, Market Leader emphasizes traditional customer relationship management, making it clear that its marketing tools are there to support that effort.

This means it focuses on lead conversion and nurture, instead of generation. For that, it offers integrations with a deep library of industry lead providers.

Its companion app for iOS will sync live with the CRM, but it eschews offering the solution’s more robust marketing features — which is fine.

Web page editing, campaign creative and other long-range tasks aren’t intended for use in the mobile environment. Thus, the app functions as tool for informed support and reactive updates, not a small-screen replacement for what’s on the browser.

Upfront, the visually tight browser app’s central admin experience opens with a color-coded line graph of leads in each category. I’m always a fan of these quick-assessment visuals. A lot of CRMs have them, and I’d like to see even more. The Recently Active menu further distills that data, as does the New Contact field, fed from a connected lead source or web form, etc.

One click gets you into your full list of contacts, and contact groups are created with familiar search and save functionality. Individual groups (Cold Buyers, Open House Leads, etc.) and the marketing campaign to which they belong are visible in the succinct Manage Groups module.

Those campaigns are chosen in the Marketing Center, and there are many of them — ranging from recruiting to long-term buyer. Home tips. Investors. Branding. Whatever content theme and message tactic you want to send to the contact, it’s likely provided by a Market Leader campaign template.

My Campaigns lets you toggle them on or off, and see how many groups belong to each. The Next Campaign column lets users choose to which campaign a lead will graduate as they mature through the sales cycle.

This is all you need when building sales outreach automations: Where’s my lead now, and what should I do with them next?

The Marketing Center also provides all kinds of print collateral designs, newsletters and video content.

Users can build a web presence at the Professional and Teams account levels. I was told in our demo that the company — and customers — weren’t psyched on the bland templates it once offered. They’ve since revamped the website offers for the better.

There are three templates offered (Tudor, Villa, Bungalow) and each can be intricately customized with Light and Dark modes, color schemes with accent colors, and scrolling hero imagery.

The content management system really shines. Child pages are easily pulled under parent pages, titles quickly edited, and widgets snapped into place. There are widgets for property search, agent profiles, and communities served, among others.

I can’t fathom a dedicated agent or marketing assistant having any trouble getting an IDX-enabled site up and running. They look good.

A summation? There’s a lot of good in this CRM that’s been largely absent from industry conversations. At least ones I’m privy to on the topic. That shouldn’t be the case, especially with its emphasis on teams, now an influential industry movement.

Market Leader has a modern, non-distracting user experience throughout, smart features and a keen eye for making complex sales efforts technologically easy.

Have a technology product you would like to discuss? Email Craig Rowe

Craig C. Rowe started in commercial real estate at the dawn of the dot-com boom, helping an array of commercial real estate companies fortify their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents with technology decisions and marketing through reviewing software and tech for Inman.

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  • Refreshed and nurture-savvy, Market Leader’s CRM deserves your attention

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