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20 time-saving blog ideas for your agent site


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Maintaining a successful blog on your real estate website is a great way to take your career to the next level. Whether your current goal is to establish yourself as a leader in the industry, land more qualified leads or simply sell more homes, your blog will help you to achieve all this and more.

Putting out consistent content can be daunting for even the most experienced blogger, but there are lots of ways to avoid writer’s block and continue to create valuable information for your readers.

And that’s why today I’ve come up with these solid real estate blog ideas that will save you time and help you develop a variety of content for your unique agent blog. Try these out and feel free to tweak any topics to fit your niche or audience interests.

If you’re new to blogging and are still working define your target audience, experimenting with a range of subjects is a good way to find out what your readers are interested in so you can tailor your future posts.

Let’s get into it!

1. Home design/decor

This is an easy and versatile subject that will pique the interest of many of your readers. Whether folks are aiming to buy or a sell a home, the look and feel of the property will always be a top priority.

Blogging about staging homes or renovations that will increase the value of a seller’s home are great starting posts.

2. Neighborhood spotlights

For folks looking to buy a new property and especially for those hoping to relocate, neighborhood spotlights give current and future residents an insider’s look at up-and-coming areas in your town or city and the latest neighborhood developments.

Your perspective can be invaluable here because it’s something viewers won’t be able to get from Zillow and other larger real estate sites. As a market pro who actually lives in the area, you have the opportunity to visit neighborhoods and up-and-coming communities and feature the most interesting aspects of these areas on your blog.

3. Relocation guide

Guides of all types will be incredibly valuable and useful to your readers, but this is a great one to start with. You can link to resources for people moving to your area, give tips for finding a home and provide an overview of the fastest growing businesses.

4. Review local businesses

Check out Yelp, and start a series about the best local businesses in your area. You can start with the “Top 3 restaurants” — and tips on getting a reservation, feature the best Sunday brunch spots, let people know where to go for shopping and give readers a taste of what your area has to offer.

Check out Yelp, and start a series about the best local businesses in your area.

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5. Outdoor activities

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take pictures, and this topic lets you practice that skill.

Spend an afternoon visiting your favorite parks, trails or recreational sites, and then write about it. Work in engaging photos to bring these exciting outdoor areas to life for your readers.

6. Tips for moving with pets

Although not all folks will be moving with children, many will have one or two fur babies in tow and will be looking for suggestions on how to make their transition as smooth as possible.

Help them out by providing a few tips for making their journey to their new fur-ever home. You can even revisit some of the topics we’ve already discussed like the top dog parks in town, local pet stores and even your thoughts on what vet office they should visit.

7. Public/private schools

For families moving to your area, you’re definitely going to want to help them out with this one. Create an ultimate guide for the schools in your areas.

Many school websites will have the information you need to include them on your list, and you also have the option to visit the top-performing institutions to find out more about them. Break this into two posts by also reviewing day care centers and preschools for younger kids.

8. Use your niche

Although most people will be frequenting your blog to gain access to information that they need, you’ll also want to give your readers a chance to get to know you.

So write about what you know. Make a quick list of your hobbies and interests, and see if you can relate any of them to your business.

Do you follow any local sports teams? Review the latest game or publish a monthly calendar for sports fans. Maybe you’re an avid reader? Blog about your favorite bookstores, or sit down with a local author, and let them tell you why they love living in the area.

9. Turn your testimonials into success stories

Your client testimonial page is a must-have for your real estate website, and it establishes credibility with new leads and referrals. These reviews can also make an excellent blog.

If you’ve recently, or ever, had a special or rewarding transaction with a client, take the time to tell his or her story. You can do a q-and-a with your client, and give him or her the opportunity to share his or her perspective, or simply recount your time together.

10. Highlight the 10 most beautiful homes on the market

This subject is open for interpretation and might depend on your area. You can even narrow it down and create a blog about the 10 properties with the best pool or view, or seek out homes with incredibly unique features. (Think secret doors!)

11. Local getaways

Where can folks go for a day trip? Are there any spas, retreats or historic places nearby that will provide a memorable getaway for those wanting to go on a quick adventure, but stay close to home?

12. Ask your readers

The quickest way to find out what your readers are interested in is to ask them. And there are a few different ways to do this.

You can either track what questions come up in the comments section of your blog and on social media, publish a roundup answering the most frequently asked questions you receive on a daily or weekly basis, or even take blog topic suggestions.

Readers want to know you’re listening; let them know that you hear them.

The quickest way to find out what your readers are interested in is to ask them.

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13. Crime rates

This is not a fun subject, but it’s a necessary one for residents, buyers, sellers and those hoping to relocate to your area.

You can be sure that most everyone is looking for the most up-to-date information about crime, and you can be the one to deliver it.

14. React to local current events

It’s OK to voice your opinion, within reason, on your blog. Pick up a newspaper, and skim each section to see if there are any issues or topics that new residents might find of interest.

Of course, you can also look on Facebook or Twitter to see what’s trending and getting people talking, and then add your own voice to the conversation through a blog post.

Concerns that are super political or controversial are probably ones you’ll want to stay away from, but issues that impact the market or community can make great opinion pieces and get people talking on your blog.

15. Health hacks for busy people

No matter the reason for moving, it can be stressful. Make a list of the most affordable yoga studios, or talk about which gym memberships will give you the most bang for your buck.

This is also a good chance to get to know spa owners or visit a massage school and let people know about discounts or deals going on.

No matter the reason for moving, it can be stressful.

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16. Spotlight the best happy hours

If a friend of yours was coming to town or you were going to meet a co-worker for drinks, what places would you recommend for drinks? These are the hot spots you’ll want to focus on and suggest to your readers.

17. Affordable condos

Break out the camera again and do a quick write-up on the most affordable condos in your area. You can expand a post like this by also comparing and contrasting the perks of buying versus renting a condo.

18. Technology/marketing

You don’t have to be a marketing pro to be successful on social media. Have you mastered Instagram, had a pin go viral on Pinterest or amassed an epic following on Twitter? Tell your readers about it!

Newer agents might also be interested in social media hacks, so this is an awesome time to share information and see what is and isn’t working for other agents.

19. Buyer and seller information/resources

You can break this into two different posts and update them as needed, but it’s a good idea to provide general resources for both buyers and sellers on your blog.

Plus, when you receive questions from buyers and sellers, you can link them to your blog!

20. Your recommendations

Have you worked with an amazing interior designer or mortgage specialist? Do you have suggestions for the best agents your readers can do business with outside of your market?

Jot down a list of your personal connections, and let your audience know how they can help!

Need more inspiration? Check out other bloggers! Take some time each week to connect with new bloggers, and read their content. We can always learn from one another.

Take some time each week to connect with new bloggers, and read their content.

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Last thing, to make your blogs even more shareable and engaging, make sure to add visuals! Check out Canva to customize your images and graphics for free. You can also spread the word about your blog by sharing it across your social media platforms.

What are you writing about this week?

Tyler Zey is the digital marketing director and contributing editor for the Real Estate Digital Marketing blog on

Email Tyler Zey.

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