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How much transparency do you need in your real estate business?

At Inman Disconnect, I attended the session on radical transparency. It was a fascinating discussion that explored a wide variety of issues related to what is the right amount of transparency that best serves the interests of all parties involved. Transparency touches every aspect of our industry at every level. Lack of transparency can breed […]

4 ways to generate leads without having to hard sell

This Spring, Inman is obsessing over helping you to tune-up your listings business, with actionable insights, the best advice from top agents, and hundreds of helpful stories from all over the world. Interested in sharing your advice and insights with us? Reach out to me at Don’t forget that we’ll also be focusing on how […]

Want cheaper Facebook ad costs? Do these 3 things

As big companies and brands start moving the $80 billion they’re spending on TV commercials and print advertising over to where the eyeballs are (Facebook), ad costs are going to go up. In fact, ad costs are already going up; according to AdStage from 2016 to 2017 Facebook ad costs increased 171 percent (CPM: the […]

How would Florida’s proposed daylight savings bill impact real estate?

On March 23, Gov. Rick Scott of Florida signed a bill to keep the state on daylight savings time year-round. That means no more springing forward or falling back in the Sunshine State, as long as it passes through the United States Congress. Florida isn’t the first state to consider using daylight savings time year-round. […]

The Parker Principles: A Real Estate Manifesto

On the final day of Inman Disconnect, attendees came together to distill all of the conversations and debates over the course of the event into a series of actionable principles and to make a commitment to the real estate industry, real estate consumers and one another to act decisively to enact change. “We have talked […]

8 common tax filing mistakes agents should avoid

As the U.S. tax filing deadline creeps ever closer, real estate agents find themselves in a familiar position — figuring out how to pay as little tax as possible while staying off the radar of the ever-watchful IRS. To help agents successfully navigate this predicament and the fast-approaching April 17 tax-filing deadline, we compiled a […]

5 secrets to building a successful brand in real estate

Marketing is core to what real estate agents do everyday, and something I’m intensely focused on as Compass’ chief creative officer. At Compass, I lead a nationwide team of more than 100 world-class marketing specialists, designers, producers and content experts tasked with helping our agents become the best marketers they can be. Real estate is […]

Clean and clear: home water quality issues to address before a sale

Community water systems must test and monitor drinking water supplies to ensure safe, clean and good-tasting water. But what happens once water hits neighborhoods and homes? The answer: It varies. Which is why homesellers, especially those in older homes, should test their water to ensure they support clean, healthy water. And their listing agents should […]

The best way to build trust with your clients

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, and when you’re in a relationship-based business like real estate, building trust is essential to your success. When your clients trust you, they’ll refer you to their family and friends. While there are many ways to build trust with a client, one of the best ways is to […]

13 ways to maximize your next open house

If you dread wasting another Saturday away from your family in a lackluster open house, it’s only because you’re not capitalizing on the huge opportunities in front of you. It’s up to you to make the most of your open houses. They can be goldmines if you handle them right. I’ve got 13 ways to […]

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