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6 simple ways to boost your listing’s curb appeal


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Prior to putting a home on the market, plenty of work needs to be done to tidy up the interior including some premature packing, deep cleaning and reorganizing. Sellers and their agents may even have the inside of their home staged by a professional staging company to show off the space.

But neglecting the exterior can be a huge deterrent for many homebuyers — and ruin the chance of making a good first impression. Here are six ways to boost your curb appeal for a quicker sale.

Do a quick cleanup

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Get the outside as nice as the inside. When potential buyers pull up to the home and notice how clean and beautiful it is on the outside, they won’t be able to help but get excited for what’s inside the front door.

It’s also a quick Saturday fix that will make a lasting difference even if it’s the only thing you do to boost curb appeal. Start by throwing out the extra junk, and simplify what’s there.

Pack away the kids’ scooters and sidewalk chalk. Remove most everything save some potted plants and patio furniture. This will help buyers envision themselves in the home without any of your personal belongings clogging up their view of the future.

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Clean up extra debris from plants and trees from the lawn, beds and walkways. Once everything is cleared away, give the sidewalk, driveway and porch a good pressure wash. You’ll be surprised how new looking these areas will be after you’re done!

Add plants

Photo by Camille / Kmile on Unsplash

Spruce up the garden beds by fluffing the soil and adding fresh mulch to the top to give it a finished look. The contrast of fresh dark mulch to a bright grassy plant, colorful flower or cool succulent will add so much life to the front of the home.

Consider the needs of the plants you use. Tulips are beautiful but will lose their bloom all too quickly. Small trees in large pots and hanging potted plants add visual depth and can be taken to your next listing to stage.

Slap on a fresh coat of paint

Andriy Blokhin / Shutterstock

At $25 a gallon, paint is an inexpensive material that can do wonders for the look of a home. If the sellers have it in their budget, they can pick a neutral modern pallet and paint the whole house.

If the budget (or time) doesn’t allow for that, you can simply match the paint to the house and only do the front and trim pieces.

Go bold, and add a well-coordinated new door color. This will give the house an instant facelift, and buyers will get a sense of newness and a well-maintained home.

Add a little light

Breadmaker / Shutterstock

Renew the light fixtures by replacing with dusk to dawn LED lights. For a fraction of the cost, simply remove the current fixtures and touch up with a fresh coat of spray paint.

Brighten up your walkway and garden beds with solar garden lamps that can be used in a future home stage or gifted to the buyers.

Switch out the hardware

Graphical_Bank / Shutterstock

Replacing the house numbers, doorbell, door knocker, handle and mailbox will completely complement the home’s new paint job. Keep it all matching by staying with the same finish for each piece.

Start with the door. If you have a light door, go with a black finish for your hardware. If it’s a dark door, go with chrome or brass. Something to contrast and really pop.

Get creative with the house numbers, and find something unique and eye-catching. When seeing the finished paint and hardware package, buyers will have an impression that the house is totally updated and ready to go.

Stage the area

romakoma / Shutterstock

After you’ve cleaned everything up and simplified the entry, consider these items to stage the front of your home:

Bistro set Pair of adirondack chairs cozied up with pillows and a light throw blanket Rocking chair or porch swing Seasonal wreath Fresh new doormat

You’ll be sure to sell quickly when going the extra mile and creating an attractive and welcoming exterior.

If you’re unsure where to start, simply browse design catalogs and magazines or look online for some up-to-date inspiration. You can’t go wrong following trends and copying the pros!

Jackson Cooper is a writer and real estate enthusiast at Jensen and Company. Follow Jensen & Company on Twitter or Facebook.

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