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Your real estate ‘to do’ list for the rest of the year


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Maybe you are super-organized with your business and you did your new business plan in November (like you were supposed to), and by this time in February, your weekly to-do list is all planned out.

Your six-week action plan started January 1 and covers how you will prospect, who you will prospect to and what your overall goals are for the year. You have it all detailed out as to what daily and weekly actions you will need to do consistently to bring in the business you desire for the year.

If this is you, then congratulations: You are in the top 3 percent of business owners who think about and write down what they want and how they are going to achieve it.

Even when you meditate and get spiritual and expect the universe to deliver what your intentions are, there is still action that needs to be taken every day and with purpose to make those dreams and goals come quickly.

Try these eight things in addition to the business plan you already have to make 2017 a great year.

Resolve to join a new networking group

If you find yourself doing the same things with the same people again this year, try joining a new networking group.

A non-traditional networking group, possibly — one that is focused on your hobbies, not work.

You will undoubtedly meet someone who is wanting to buy or sell in that new group, and you will enjoy yourself more and feel comfortable sharing your business and asking for referrals with people you share something in common with.

Nab a domain name of the area you service

If you don’t have a domain name that specifically targets your niche area, get one.

This is one of the first things you should do to get more business and will provide a more targeted marketing campaign than generalized marketing of yourself, website or company.

Think about a domain name that is narrowed down to a specific neighborhood — this will not prevent you from getting business; it will focus your efforts and help you exceed last year’s income.

Pay taxes on time, including your estimated

Make 2017 the year you pay estimated taxes on time and the year you do not delay the April business filing.

I will admit that when there is unorganized record-keeping, loss of receipts and overall bad accounting throughout the year, it is challenging to do it all at once at the end of the year.

Try asking for help from a friend or confidant who consistently does their taxes on time to help get you organized so that you can take it one step at a time and not be delayed.

Try apps such as Taxbot, MileageIQ and others that allow you to do everything from your phone.

Snare a top-notch admin or virtual assistant

Imagine your business is already to the point of needing an assistant if it is not already, and start searching for the perfect virtual or non-virtual assistant.

Find someone that will troubleshoot your files, work independently, be reliable, account for their time well, is friendly, knows social networking, knows how to create graphics and is 100-percent dedicated to you as the business owner and your success.

Pay them what they are worth and they will make you 10 times that amount.

Impress your sellers and buyers so that everyone gives five-star ratings online

When you meet someone, anyone for the first time, pretend in your mind that they are going to be giving you a five-star rating at some point in the future.

How will you need to act to get this review, what kind of service will you need to provide them and what expectations have you set for them? Making an effort to think with the end review in mind will keep you organized and always thinking before you act or speak.

Start a meet-up group or ‘Lean In’ group of your own

Decide to be the leader of a group instead of finding a group to join. Whether you are male or female, a great place to start is by going to and starting your own circle and then inviting people you want to join.

This group will grow and be the go-to place where 15 to 25 people can feel comfortable sharing their experiences, work challenges and tips.

Make every moment you are not doing money-making activities count

When you are not making money, what are you doing? Try to live in the moment with kids, with family and with friends.

I am the first to be considered a workaholic — after all, even when I am doing hobbies that are not real estate, I am thinking about how I can get real estate business.

Try doing activities that will not allow you to daydream, activities that require your 100-percent attention. By doing this, you will feel the break from the constant pull of your career and will be refreshed to work smarter.

Book a vacation away from your home town

For the past two years, I have tried “stay-cations” — and I have realized they don’t work for me.

If you are like this, then think ahead six months and start booking a three-, four-, five-day vacation now for the end of the spring market or summer.

Everyone, no matter how busy, can get away for three days. Take your laptop — but don’t work the entire time; be available — but not crazy to the people you are with.

Even when you are away and have to deal with small work-related issues, a vacation away from your hometown will give you the break you needed to come back ready to push harder.

Cheryl Spangler is the principal broker and co-owner of FORBZ Real Estate Group. You can follow her on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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