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13 tips and tricks for selling homes


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You just got your listing.

All that matters now is keeping your client happy, which means it’s time to market and sell your client’s place for a price he or she is satisfied with.

Marketing is as simple as Newton’s third law — every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Essentially, the more energy you put into marketing, the more you’ll get back from it.

But marketing isn’t the only base you need to cover.

In order to get a client’s house sold quickly, you’ll need to follow and repeat a series of tips and tricks that are sure to get that listing off the market pretty fast.

1. Have a signed listing agreement

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked with someone who changed his or her mind. It’s not real until you have the agreement in writing and signed.

2. Check surrounding listings

What’s on the market close by? It’s good to be aware of nearby listings just in case people aren’t interested yours.

If you’ve got a good sense of the neighborhood market, you can always show the place down the street.

Remember that real estate is a service industry, and it’s about working with clients to find their dream home. Knowledge is power, and it’s extremely helpful to know what’s out there.

3. Book a photographer

A photographer can provide you with a great selection of high-quality photos; just make sure the one you pick shares your vision.

The devil is in the details, so make sure all lights and televisions are on, and all wires are hidden.

People are much more likely to buy a house when it looks absolutely perfect.

4. Use the MLS wisely

MLSs are invaluable to the selling process.

People often search for specific criteria (e.g. parking), so be honest and extremely thorough because people will call you out on misrepresentations.

Take time to upload beautiful photos, and keep in mind that listings with over six pictures are viewed twice as often as those with less.

Also be sure to respond instantly whenever you can.

5. List on all websites

Get your listing on Zillow, Trulia, Westside Rentals, Redfin, Craisglist and VRBO, just to name a few.

Most homebuyers do their own searching online before contacting a real estate agent, so it’s best to get seen early on.

Remember that someone looking at Zillow isn’t necessarily looking at Trulia or Craigslist, too. Every website you get your listing on plants another seed of growth and possibility, so use as many as you can.

Quick tip: Zillow and Trulia posts should be removed and uploaded again every week. Many people disagree with me, but I think it’s worth the hassle since most phone calls come in during the first two days of a listing.

Zillow and Trulia work on time-sensitive platforms that keep the most recent listings at the top, which is where you want to be.

The top listings are the ones people see and call about. Make sure to respond instantly to inquiries whenever you can.

6. Talk to strangers

I know you were told not to do this when you were a kid, but real estate is another ballgame.

You have to come out of your shell and talk to friends and neighbors of the owners, and anyone else who’ll listen. Talk to your own friends and neighbors about it, too; the more you talk about the listing, the more interest it will generate.

Your mouth is your best weapon, so use it wisely. Remember to always be kind, polite and professional.

7. Visit rival agents’ offices

Don’t think of it as fraternizing with the competition; think of it as visiting friends from another firm.

Invite them for coffee and a chat. Talking business with other real estate agents can lead to referrals and sales for everyone.

8. Marketing with flyers

Your social reach may be huge, but you won’t be able to reach people you don’t know. Flyers change that.

Several key terms have been proven to increase sales, so you’ll definitely want them seen. Try the following:

luxurious captivating impeccable upgraded

You’ll soon see how powerful a tool language really is.

9. Leverage social media

Post regularly to your Facebook business page and any other social media platform you use.

Videos make the best marketing content. Upload a video showing off a spectacular property to get people interested; or make a video where you’re talking about your favorite listing and giving advice.

Make sure to share, share and share some more. Videos, articles and listings all make great, smart content for your Facebook page.

10. Socialize

Staying home is safe, warm, comfortable and cheap; but it also does nothing for your business.

Get out of the house and go out with friends. Socializing can lead you to the perfect client.

Whether you initiate a conversation or someone just overhears you chatting with a friend, discussing your real estate business in a social setting can be very beneficial.

11. Negotiate renovations with the seller

Are you trying to sell a house with an outdated kitchen? Could the bathrooms use some work?

Ask the seller if he or she would be willing to fix things up a bit. Investing in repairs will not only help the house sell, but it’ll give you something exciting to talk about during showings.

Homebuyers love a fresh, current home!

12. Hold open houses

Make sure the home is staged beautifully, the utilities are on and everything is functioning. Both interior and exterior staging is necessary if you want to impress.

Be present as often as possible; having other agents work your open house means they’ll want a piece of the action.

This is your listing, so work it every which way you can.

13. Talk price with the seller

Price expectations should be realistic.

Have comparisons ready to show your seller, and work with him or her to come up with a fair number.

Look at what your listing has to offer over others, and vice versa.

Sometimes it’s better to have a low price point and get multiple offers than to ask for the moon and get lowball offers.

Make sure you’re being heard by your client. This will ensure you’re covered down the line if you’re client didn’t want to listen and the property doesn’t sell.

Selling is constant push and pull, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Enjoy the ride!

Omar Spahi is the founder of Ocean Avenue Realty in Santa Monica, California. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter. Email Omar Spahi

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