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Will Realogy’s executive shake-up reignite growth?

A CEO announcement or two here, a dip in transaction volume there — bits of news dropped like dots on a map. Connected, they form a bigger picture: 10 executive-level shifts in nine months, and the makings of a seemingly aggressive regrouping strategy.That’s the current situation at Realogy, one of the biggest power-players in the real […]

Riley, a lead-qualification service for real estate agents, raises $3.1 million

Real estate agents who use Riley, a concierge service that sends text messages on behalf of agents, sometimes wake up to a treat that’s better than breakfast in bed: buttered-up leads.The “text center” has grown by leaps and bounds in the last year, and now the company has clinched $3.1 million in funding, fresh off its graduation from the […]

Realtors: If you see ‘NAR: Urgent Update’ in your inbox, hit delete

For most professionals, a sizeable chunk of the day is spent hurriedly opening, reading and replying to emails, sometimes without giving much thought to the validity and safety of those messages. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is seeking to change that with its latest warning about a possible phishing scam targeting NAR members. The email, […]’s ‘Own Home’ campaign targets dreamy buyers

Everyone has a vision of their dream home. It could be a high-rise condo overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, a chic three-story brownstone in Brooklyn, a quaint shotgun house in New Orleans, an art deco masterpiece in Miami or a ranch deep in the heart of Texas. No matter what your dream home is, just remember […]

The problem with a shovel-ready infrastructure plan

President Trump and the Democrats may reach agreement on one initiative soon: Spending a trillion bucks on infrastructure.Since it will be a bipartisan deal, let’s be fair: The Democrats’ fixation on an infrastructure splurge is just as mistaken.So, what’s wrong with a big effort to repair our visibly tired roads, bridges, airports, to install world-class […]

5 easy tools that every real estate agent should use in 2017

When it comes to marketing opportunities real estate agents, tools abound. An effective marketing campaign will not only generate more leads but also showcase your personal brand in front of potential prospects.Here, we cover a list of the five most effective tools that you can use as a real estate agent. Each one has a specific role […]

3 things I sell as a Realtor that aren’t houses

I was a registered investment adviser (financial planner) before coming into real estate. I knew my product — mutual funds and stocks — inside and out. But in real estate, it’s a little different — your product is not necessarily the house. It’s you. Chris Lazarus is the principal broker and COO of Sellect Realty. […]

How to build your Facebook page as a real estate newbie

Are you just starting out in real estate and looking for the best ways to let prospective clients know that you’re in the business?Thanks to Facebook and other social media platforms, not only is it easier than ever to connect with your sphere of influence (SOI), but it is also just as easy to get […]

An alternative FSBO script: ‘Where are you moving?’

As a kid from the ’70s, I always remember hard-fought games of “Simon Says” during rainy recess days at Dorothy Moody Elementary School. By following Simon, you stayed in the game. If Simon didn’t say to do it, and you did it anyway, you were out — and your chances of winning a piece of […]

9 tips to save your clients the pain of identity theft

You invested all that time and energy in helping a couple find a house to buy — only to learn that their loan application was rejected because they had bad credit, which they had no idea of because they had a preapproval; but since then, their identity was stolen. There goes your commission. It’s not […]

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