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How Fannie Mae is quashing school debt

The massive amount of student debt carried by college graduates could become less of an issue for those who want to become homeowners under new policies announced today by Fannie Mae. According to the giant financial institution’s figures, grads carry a total of $1.4 trillion in school debt. While that’s an “astonishingly high” amount, says […]

Californians leaving in droves as home prices surge

In 1966, The Mamas and the Papas were singing “California Dreamin’,” but fast forward 51 years and Californians are belting out a different tune thanks to increasing home prices, unsustainable costs of living and a lack of access to affordable housing. Redfin’s new study on U.S. migration patterns shows that Californians are leaving the Golden […]

Why ‘Hacking Growth’ is a must-read for every entrepreneur

By definition, entrepreneurs take on greater than normal financial risk to make the idea in their head a reality. But why experiment with growth when you could hack it? Just ask the likes of Airbnb, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook and Uber — not to mention IBM, Walmart, and Microsoft — universally recognizable companies whose brands are […]

Stop celebrating numbers, start championing service in real estate

The real estate industry is divided between those agents who focus only on sales volume and those who are dedicated to providing the best customer service. It cannot be ignored that sales are central to the real estate business, and because agents are independent contractors, finding customers is critical to their success. And, of course, […]

3 ways to generate leads through Google AdWords

The internet is a rabbit hole of information. With over one billion websites in the ether, and over half of those active, the process of getting found online is much more complex than launching a website and hoping people will come across it. A solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is one way to rank […]

Neighborhood showdown: How 2 teams broke it down for buyers

“I’m looking to buy in your area, and I keep hearing about these two neighborhoods right next to each other — but what’s the difference?” That’s the question that agents in the Phoenix area who service Chandler and Gilbert are constantly hearing. So two real estate teams joined forces to answer it with a website: […]

26 personal branding insights from real estate experts

“Without a brand, you’re just two clicks away from obscurity.” That’s the message I’ve been sharing with audiences across North America for the past five years. I’ve been on a bit of a mission to transform the way people think about personal branding to accelerate business growth, build trust and establish thought leadership. The message […]

Why door-knocking and building trust go hand in hand

How do you door-knock in real estate and achieve success at it? What is the trick you can use to show clients that you’re not trying to impose on them? In this clip, you’ll learn a system that has achieved a success rate of 83 percent in terms of commission checks. “There are three things […]

5 tips for giving renters the furnishings they desire

Though most apartment complexes and rental properties are unfurnished (apart from a few appliances), there is demand for furnished rental properties. They attract vacationers, college students and others who travel light and move often. Many landlords shy away from the commitment, however, because of the risk of damage. If you’re leasing to short-term renters and […]

A real estate agent’s guide to social media scheduling

If you’re not scheduling your real estate posts at the right times and at the right frequency, the impact of your social media marketing will suffer. Not only will social media users be less likely to engage with your content, they may never see it at all. Despite its importance, many real estate agents are […]

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