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3 strategies to cut through the noise and build a lasting business


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Remember that shiny new toy you just had to have as a kid? All your friends had one, and you needed it too. When you finally got it, you played with it for maybe a couple of months before moving on to the next big toy craze.

Fast forward to the present day. This exact phenomenon is happening in the real estate industry. Each year, at the National Association of REALTORS® Convention, hundreds of vendors try to sell you on the newest gadget or software they promise will revolutionize your business — artificial intelligence, online lead-generation services, self-driving cars,and even machines that write your personal notes for you.

No doubt, all these technological advancements can be exciting. However, they can also become a bit distracting.

Just like that new toy, many of these services quickly come and go and are replaced by the next trend. Still, we all want to be seen as being on the cutting edge, which makes it easy to get pulled into these new sales and marketing offerings.

At Buffini & Company, our goal is to help real estate agents grow their business and live the good life without giving into these new distractions. Years of data analysis and almost 2 million coaching calls with agents have shown what it takes to help an agent stand out in the marketplace. Top-producing agents are actively committed to these three strategies to build a long-term business:

Build lasting relationships

Most people cannot remember their real estate agent’s name after a transaction. But the relationship shouldn’t end when the transaction is complete! Write personal notes, make check-in calls, go for lunches and pop by with a small gift to show your past and current clients you care. Stay top of mind and referrals will start pouring in!

Go the extra mile

I like to start each morning asking, “What can I do to make someone’s day better?” A service mindset is critical to a strong business. If you see a past client’s social media post that his air conditioning broke in the heat of summer, visit with a couple of portable fans. No matter what you do, make sure it comes from the heart. Remember, service doesn’t need to be expensive or elaborate — little things make a huge impact!

Sharpen your skills

Your skills are your secret weapon and will help you stand out in the marketplace. Develop skills that help you offer high-quality service by attending networking and professional development events. Invest in real estate training or coaching to hone your craft — it’s one of the best things you can do for your business.

When it comes to technology, it’s great to stay current. Just be sure the technology is supporting your business of selling real estate; not taking it off course.

Ask yourself, “Will this new technology really help me sell more homes?” Or question, “How much time will this take me to set up?” Many of these trendy systems take months and even years to get set up and running effectively. The tech trends should be tactics to support your sales and marketing efforts; not principles for running your business.

When you fully embrace these three strategies, you will demonstrate a mastery of your craft that clients and colleagues will notice immediately. At Buffini & Company, we developed a new training program for real estate agents that explains these concepts and turns them into action steps. It’s called The Pathway to Mastery?Essentials™, and it will completely change the way you do business. Check it out, then see how the program can help you build your own strong market presence!

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