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How smart real estate professionals will use social media in 2017


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Reposted with permission.


#SnapPack Live is a fast-growing community on Facebook for real estate practitioners who want to improve how they use social media marketing.

It’s unlike most other real estate groups in that there is no selling or self-promotion.

It’s a community of people helping one another.

Dustin Brohm of Search Salt Lake City diligently moderates the group to ensure the conversation is supportive, educational, and fun.

On November 30, 2016, the five founding members held a 90-minute webinar to discuss a handful of challenging issues facing marketers in 2017.

Here’s the complete video. Below are my notes.

Also, if you’d like to see a recap from their first webinar, go to 26 Social Marketing Tips From 5 Real Estate Professionals.

Repurposing content

Generating valuable content across many platforms is essential to building and keeping an audience. However, continuing to produce fresh content is challenging.

Robert "Bucky" Beeman

Robert “Bucky” Beeman

Robert (“Bucky”) Beeman discussed how he’s leveraging the video content he produces on Snapchat to his Twitter account. He uses  Snappd, which downloads snaps and inserts them into Twitter as a video or photo.

Beeman is also working on incorporating his Snapchat videos into longer form videos on Facebook and YouTube.

Driving traffic to Snapchat

Use Snapchat geofilters. Jason Frazier discussed how a client used print collateral to drive traffic to their geofilter at a public event.

The client handed out flyers to attendees. The flyer explained the contest and invited people to use the Snapcode on the flyer to enter the contest.

Frazier also advised Realtors to include their Snapcode on their business card and house signs.

Beeman added that he’ll often post photos with Snapchat filters on Twitter and other channels.

Incorporating music into snaps. Beeman incorporates music into the background of some of his snaps by simply playing the music on his phone while recording a snap.

Frazier and Beeman.

Frazier and Beeman.

Snapping to audiences with different interests. Beeman’s audience falls into two primary groups: those interested in the Rochester, Minnesota, commercial real estate market and those outside the area interested in social media marketing.

Beeman tries to make local issues relevant to those outside the area by asking them questions. For example, his firm, RGI, represents a shopping mall owner with a high vacancy rate.

Beeman asked his audience how to increase mall traffic. He received a lot of suggestions, some of which he’s implementing.

Beeman uses Snapchat as his native camera and editing tool.

Productivity app — ?IFTTT

Brohm uses IFTTT (“If this, then that”) app to find leads on Twitter.

The app has dozens of applications, but Brohm uses it primarily to capture leads. When someone searches Twitter for “moving to Salt Lake City,” Brohm is notified of their search. He then sends them an email.

IFTTT can also be used to post photos to multiple channels. The functionality is expansive.


Brohm’s “pins” on Pinterest get more shares and exposure than on Facebook. For example, he created a Pinterest infographic on moving to Salt Lake City. This drives more traffic to his blog post than any other platform.

Brohm cautions Pinterest newbies that it is essential for them to understand the Pinterest culture before uploading their first pin.

Where to post your blog

If you are starting from scratch and don’t have a following, Brohm noted there are advantages to posting on Medium. Medium is a blogging platform with a social component. After you tag your posts with key words, it’s discoverable on Medium.

Dustin Brohm

Dustin Brohm

Brohm also recommends creating your own website for your blogs. When visitors come to your website to read your articles, this improves your SEO (search engine optimization).

In addition to publishing on Medium and your own site, he suggests offering your articles to real estate websites (such as Inman). When other websites send traffic to your site (backlinks), this improves your SEO value. A higher SEO value means a higher search ranking and greater visibility.

Live video?: ?Become a personal TV station Chelsea Peitz

Chelsea Peitz

Chelsea Peitz recommends jumping into live video.

Facebook has announced it is a “camera first” company. Essentially, it is taking on Snapchat. (See this article from The Guardian.)

As Snapchat adoption rates continue to climb, users are getting comfortable with being on camera. Peitz believes savvy marketers will essentially be creating their personal TV station.

She views building a social media brand through the 4Cs: camera, communication, content and community.

Peitz cautioned against starting out with unrealistic expectations. “Creating content can be overwhelming. Begin by creating a manageable timeline and smaller pieces of content so you don’t run out of ideas. And then focus on engaging your audience with questions.”

When asked how she manages her content, she warned the audience that they’d be surprised. She then held up a notebook.

“I’m an old-school paper person, and my brain…” As she espoused the benefits of her paper system over digital, the digital connection was lost.


Indirect marketing

Frazier has grown his Snapchat following without directly promoting himself. For example, he wears Facebook, Snapchat and LinkedIn branded shirts to get strangers to initiate a conversation with him.

He also recommends marketing locally through Nextdoor. This is a private community of people who are neighbors. As the leader of his neighborhood, Frazier is building his reputation in the community. He uses the platform to engage neighbors about local events.

Frazier said, “This is perfect for anyone in real estate looking to become the ‘digital mayor’ of their town.”

How to nurture your leads Shannon Milligan

Shannon Milligan

Shannon Milligan “touches” each lead 33 times during the year. She explained that this isn’t as challenging as it sounds.

One way she reaches this goal is through holiday promotions and contests.

Milligan will use an event to contact her leads by phone, email and video. For example, she recently held a Thanksgiving pie appreciation event for her clients.

Join our community

Brohm, Frazier, Beeman, Petiz and Milligan have done a terrific job of building a vibrant community of forward-thinking real estate professionals.

The #SnapPack Live private Facebook group would be honored if you’d join us!

Rich Hopen is a real estate broker/salesperson, business law professor, entrepreneur and recovering attorney. He’s infatuated with Snapchat and would love to connect: @rhopen.

Email Rich Hopen

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