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See how a 1950s ranch home became the remodel to beat in 2019


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The International Builders Show, a conference hosted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in February 2019, recently featured a home to highlight some of the industry’s latest and greatest remodeling products and methods.

Selected as this year’s annual New American Remodel, the formerly single-level, 1950s-era home in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, was transformed by the company Luxus Design Build, LLC into a two-level 6,000-square-foot marvel of energy efficiency, including luxury and indoor and outdoor living spaces.

“These advancements can be incorporated into any renovated home through systems integration to enhance long-term cost effectiveness and maximize performance,” reads an NAHB blog post about home.

Jeff Davis of Jeffrey A. Davis Photography

NAHB routinely reaches out to architects every year to select a New American Home and New American Remodel to showcase at the conference.

In the case of the Remodel, achieveing the property’s so-called “farm-to-table” design involved extensive salvaging.

Formerly pocked by an 100-foot long hole that served as a dumping ground, the backyard was cleared and converted into a orchard and home for chickens, writes Michele Lerner for Your Home Digital’s blog.

Railroad ties reportedly recovered from the property were then re-purposed into new exterior fencing.

Sustainability and energy efficiency were clearly top of mind for the home’s designer and the property’s owner, Michael Gardner, principal for Studio G Architecture & Luxus Design Build.

Equipped with solar panels, state-of-the-art ceiling fans, efficient heaters and a gas heat pump system for air conditioning, the home reportedly generates more electricity than it uses.

The home’s unique C-shaped building design also contributes to its efficiency, creating a strategic barrier against the sun and wind.

Jeff Davis of Jeffrey A. Davis Photography

“When you walk through the home, you can feel a 10- to 15-degree drop [in temperature] because of the envelope assembly,” Gardner was quoted in a NAHB blog post.

Brimming with earthy luxury, the home’s layout stitches together indoor and outdoor living, including a patio for the office, an “outdoor living room” that spans a great room and swimming pool and a two-level covered entertaining space, sandwiched by the pool and orchard, according to Your Home Digital.

Other amenities and features consist of Phantom Screens, motorized and automated premium window shades that can automatically move, raise, and lower based on the time of day, according to an online brochure about the project. The Eaton Lighting Control contains universal dimmers that automatically adjust for daytime and nighttime as well, but can be manually controlled whenever the occupants want.

There’s a whole home audio system with 16 zones of built-in speakers, so that each room can have its own distinct and rich sound playing at once. The home has an NVX for 4K TV content in every room, and is wired with a CAT5/CAT6 cabling system. It contains an equipment room to keep all the big tech systems out of site.

Of course, it also has its own security surveillance high-def video camera system that records activity on the property and can be played back on any TV in the home as well as mobile devices and computers. Other security features include an intelligent alarm system and sensors that detect when windows or doors are opened.

Jeff Davis of Jeffrey A. Davis Photography

Teak walkways connect the house and entertainment areas. There are also four and a half kitchens, if you count the outdoor cooking spaces.

The home was not listed for sale on the open market, but following the conference, an anonymous buyer reached out and has purchased the property privately from Gardner for an undisclosed sum, a spokesperson at Luxus told Inman.

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