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Trick or treat: 7 scary good Halloween marketing hacks


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Don’t be a ghoul this Halloween and overlook one of the best marketing opportunities of the year for real estate agents. Here are some fresh ideas and hacks that’ll make an impact and assure your remembrance after trick-or-treating fades to black.

Intrigue your prospects through reverse trick-or-treating this Halloween

What better way to get noticed by your prospects than to offer an unexpected gift. You can quickly become the most popular real estate agent in the neighborhood by filling goodie bags with fun treats mixed with marketing items.

How do you reverse trick or treat?

It’s easy. Knock on doors in your farm, and hand out your treats. It is a unique and memorable way of being recognized, and it’s a great way to be social in your farm neighborhood.

Be smart with your marketing, and use helpful items branded with your contact information. Things such as chip clips, post-it notes and pens will be used more than once. They will continue to remind your prospects who to call for their real estate needs.

Plan a spooktacular open house in a vacant listing

Do you have a vacant home listed in an area with good trick-or-treat traffic? Why not utilize the space for what could become the most visited open house of the year?

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Holding a themed open house on Allhallows Eve is just plain fun. You can make your event as creative as you wish.

Be careful about going overboard with Halloween decorations. You still want the home to shine. You are just taking advantage of the time of year to attract a slew of visitors.

Be sure and have at minimum, flyers of the home, treats for the little witches and warlocks and a cauldron of witches brew (warm apple cider) for visitors.

Don’t be the invisible agent by forgetting to fill your flyer boxes

If you are in an area that allows flyer boxes, make sure all of them are entirely stocked before the big day of trick or treat.

Speaking from experience, it’s disappointing when prospective buyers stumble upon a home they are interested in, and the flyer box is void of content.

Mom and dad will pick up a flyer during trick-or-treating with their little angels, but they most likely will not pick up the phone.

It is likely that your inventory will see more foot traffic during trick-or-treating than it will all year. Don’t overlook the opportunity to show off your listings.

Hydrate passerby’s with ‘ghost tears’ (water bottles with your logo on the label)

Here’s a simple and almost free marketing hack. If you have a printer and paper, you’ve got this one covered.

Search for a water bottle logo template, fill in your information, and print. Then, replace the current water bottle label with your personalized label.

Consider adding Halloween-themed artwork, so your contact information does not appear to be the main attraction.

Too much advertising without distraction can backfire, especially during an event that is kid-focused.

Show some love to the parents by treating them to a bag of goodies

Because handing out business cards with kids candy is seen as a horrible marketing idea by some, you can move around that barrier by handing out contact information in a parent-themed bag of smart marketing goodies.

It’s always good to have a little extra treat for parents when they come by with their little ghouls and goblins. You can use the same items you would use in a reverse trick-or-treat bag, or you can go rogue and be creative.

Other things that are well-received by mom and dad are useful tips for around the house or winterizing tips. You may also want to add a card they can return to you for a free market evaluation of their home.

Think green (like a witch’s face), and market with reusable trick-or-treat bags

Handing out small trick-or-treat bags with a Halloween theme and your contact information printed at the bottom is usually well-received. It brings more focus to the event and can ease the minds of parents by knowing who is behind the candy giving.

Consider having a few Halloween safety tips printed on one side and your contact information on the other. A reusable bag is good for the environment and serves as a reminder as to how mom and dad can reach you.

Partner with local businesses, and hand out coupons

Many local businesses will partner for an advertisement. Consider asking one to allow you to print coupons with your contact information offering a discount, such as 10 percent off a purchase at their establishment.

Then print coupons with the offer on one side and your contact information on the other to hand out to parents as they come by with their kiddos.

This type of marketing works well with most retail businesses but tends to get the most traction when paired with a restaurant.

Are there any marketing hacks you’ve used in the past that have worked well? Please share in the contact section below. 

Missy Yost is a Realtor with Weichert Realtors Coastal Properties in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Follow The Yost Group on Facebook or Twitter

Email Missy Yost

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