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10 telltale signs you’re suffering from commission breath

Real estate agents fall into two broad categories: those who are in it for the commissions and treat the clients as numbers, and those who put the client’s best interests first, even if it means not earning a commission. Here are 10 telltale signs you’re suffering from commission breath. Source: click here

Real estate blockchain and cryptocurrency explained

There’s no doubt that 2018 is shaping up to be a coming-out year for blockchain and cryptocurrency in real estate. We’re hearing about more and more deals closed by real estate agents using cryptocurrency, and blockchain-enabled real estate startups are seemingly cropping up on a weekly basis. The industry’s level of interest is approaching a […]

How to turn your listings into more seller clients

Agents across the country know that the real estate industry is in the midst of another buying season marked by extremely low inventory. In fact, housing inventory stood at 3.6 months in March, down from 3.8 months the year prior, according to NAR’s latest existing home sales report. In a market like this, a listing […]

Brokers: Does your real estate tech stack really help recruit and retain agents?

If you ask real estate brokers to list their primary pain points, their answers will converge around three things: recruiting agents, retaining them, and keeping them productive. These broker challenges are, of course, fundamentally linked. If you can’t attract top agent talent and keep them productive, they’ll leave, and you will never grow a thriving […]

How real estate teams support brokerage profitability and agent production

Real estate teams are no doubt a dynamic force in real estate. Brokers and agents who understand how to leverage their strengths will see great success in the coming years. To provide readers greater insight on teams and how they can leverage them, I decided to share the insights from recent interviews I did with […]

How embracing boredom can make you insanely successful

Would you be willing to embrace boredom to achieve your goals? It depends — what exactly does “embrace boredom” mean, Tom? It means doing mundane tasks day after day after day. Not too exciting, huh? But here’s the promise: When you do them, you’ll become wildly successful. To-do lists vs. checklists There’s a big difference […]

Upstream launches after long gestation period

Upstream, an online platform for real estate data management, officially announced that it has launched today after a long development period, two years behind its original goal. Source: click here

What’s it like to win a housing lottery in the nation’s most expensive city?

Winning an affordable housing lottery takes a lot of luck and a lot of perseverance. Families try for years, applying to dozens of apartments in hopes that they’ll be called. So what’s it like when you actually win? Source: click here

How 4 agents bring their personal passions to work each day

Find something that you love to do, and find a way to make money doing it — that’s the dream, right? Whether it be art, cars, outdoor living or adorable pups, these four real estate agents have found their passions and managed to work them into their businesses. Source: click here

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