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Marketing and CRM solution Agent 3000 is big on features

Agent 3000, developed by one-time South Florida broker Shawn Sommer, is all about execution over fluff, now accessible to 250,000 agents. Source: click here

The Real Word: Is Zillow becoming a transaction platform?

Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent’s perspective on industry-related topics. This week, they’ll talk through their biggest takeaways from Zillow Unlock.  Source: click here

The end of an era: How the NAR Expo has changed

Although it’s too soon to write an obituary, the 2019 event might be the last great Realtors Conference and Expo. Industry changes are altering the size and scope of the conference, resulting in the slow demise of a once great trade show event. Source: click here

How to manage buyer expectations in a shifting market

A new generation of homebuyers doesn’t seem to believe that simply owning a home can be the first step toward wealth creation. Agents can help them to gain a more sensible perspective and a home in their price range with these suggestions. Source: click here

Good news from bonds and mortgages? Read and smile

We interrupt all of that other stuff for a brief message from the outside world, and we have good news. Normally, good news is bad for interest rates, but the news is so delicately good that it has not hurt rates. The 10-year T-note has retreated from 1.8 percent, and mortgages are still trading close […]

See how much Robert Reffkin paid for his stake in Compass

According to a 2012 “Founder Restricted Stock Agreement,” the Compass CEO bought 3.355 million shares of common stock in the company in exchange for $0.0001 per share. Source: click here

RE/MAX hints acquisitions could fuel premium tech add-ons

In the company’s Q3 earnings call, executives revealed in the future that bolt-on acquisitions could add premium paid services to its free tech platform. Source: click here

Backed by Trulia founder Pete Flint, startup Modus raises $12M

The closing services platform is designed to bring more order and speed to title and escrow services. Source: click here

8 Facebook rules agents should live by

Facebook’s lead generation capability is still a force to be reckoned with, unlike other social media platforms with waning popularity. How do you avoid the more problematic aspects of Facebook’s model while still taking advantage of its potential as a lead generation platform? Here are a few simple guidelines for agents. Source: click here

This entrepreneur shows how real estate can be a positive force in urban communities

Here’s the story of how entrepreneur Bo Menkiti got into the real estate business to improve his neighborhood and how he’s managed to replicate the model. Source: click here

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