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Contributing with Inman: How to become a leading voice in the industry


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It’s the third year of our Inman contributor program, and we have grown and changed upon reader demand to continue to be the epicenter of real estate news and insightful discussion.

We have listened to your feedback and adjusted our program to a mostly agent- and broker-centric perspective this past year.

We’ve also created a special segment of contributors who choose assignments weekly from a list our editors compile of topics that are being debated and explored in the industry.

So if you’re an agent or a broker with a unique perspective, maybe you should consider contributing.

What makes contributors want to contribute?

Here’s why our contributors love writing for us:

“Inman’s audience is diverse and challenging. It’s a great forum to hash out the big debates of our industry.” – Sam DeBord

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“There is a need for continued training and professional development in real estate — particularly the kind that isn’t dry and dull and delivered by those who don’t currently sell. My passion is to make real estate agents great.?” – Leigh Brown

“Inman is the Gold Standard for real estate information and communication.” – Sam Benson

“To be aligned with thought leaders of the real estate industry and share what I have learned with both real estate agents and clients.” – Kevin Leonard

“Real estate is undergoing a lot of exciting changes right now, and it is rewarding to explore and share as we evolve as an industry.” – Heather Sittig

“I see Inman as the pinnacle of real estate content. I’ve been reading articles on Inman since my start in real estate and wanted to contribute.” – Jason Cassity

“Inman’s engaging, interactive tone really attracted me. I like being creative with my writing as well as informative, and I saw that Inman encouraged these traits.” – Emily Hoffman

“I am so passionate about Inman News and the people connected to Inman. I just simply wanted to give back by contributing something of value.” – Steve Weiss

“My desire to connect with and help others ultimately is why I enjoy contributing to Inman and being a part of this robust community. This is a great network of camaraderie where we can share and help one another grow in order to reach the next level in both our professional and personal lives. Who wouldn’t want to participate in such a group!” – Lee Davenport

“The challenges we go through and the perspectives people have. I love to find simple solutions or thoughts around a topic and write about it. Becoming an Inman contributor just brought my focus to real estate specifically, and I love being a part of this amazing group.” – Cheryl Spangler

The benefits of becoming an Inman contributor

Becoming an Inman contributor means you are part of a team of real estate professionals who cover various topics including marketing, brokerage, agent advice, industry news, international markets and more. Our contributors submit articles, infographics, videos, podcasts, listings, etc., which are published on our website daily.

Benefits of becoming a contributor:

Exposure: You will have a network of contributors to collaborate with via our contributors group on Facebook. And you will have an audience composed of our national readers. Our audience is hands-on, so you will likely interact with them through the comments on your stories as well as on social media. Access: Not only will you have access to our large network of contributors, but you will also have access to many of Inman’s contacts and direct access to a responsive editorial team that will work closely with you throughout the publishing process to make sure we put out a product all of us are proud of. Editing: Although we ask for first-use privilege per our contributors guidelines, we are happy to return your work to you — professionally edited and ready to publish on your website or blog — free of charge, and all you have to do is ask. Improved writing skills: Our editors have master’s degrees in journalism with emphasis in magazine editing. We will work with you step-by-step on accepted drafts until your article publishes on Inman. Information: We have a contributor’s newsletter that will inform you of what’s going on at Inman, introduce you to other contributors, keep you in the know about the stories that are doing well on our site (top 5 weekly) and teach you grammar lessons to help hone the craft of writing. Inman logo: Once you are officially a contributor, you are welcome to request the Inman contributor logos. The logos can be used on marketing materials and your email signature — every email you send will reinforce your voice in the industry. All we ask is that you link the logo back to your author’s page on our website. A professional challenge: Our contributors are exceptional agents and brokers who enjoy the challenge of sharing their knowledge and voice with other agents.

These are just a few of the benefits contributors enjoy. If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please read the contributors guidelines and FAQs.

Then, when you are ready, please send me — because I wrangle the contributors program — a fresh article or pitch to get the ball rolling. The article must be original, not published elsewhere and add to the conversation on Inman.

I always recommend doing a Google search to see what’s been said on the site already about the topic. Around 600-1,000 words is a perfect length, and how-tos and lists are always popular. Please shy away from self-promotion in your articles.

If you’re interested in joining this prestigious group of industry professionals, please send your article to or I look forward to working with you.

“I love our contributors: they are smart, diverse and enrich the Inman newsfeed every day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the generosity of your expert advice. The industry gets better because of you.” – Brad Inman

 Email Dani Vanderboegh

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